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Man of God, Prophet of Jesus Christ, Dating  Coach, Marriage Counselor, Charity Activist, Businessman, Mentor and Father.

Meek Banda was born on the 1st of April.

Meek Banda was born and raised a Malawian.

The calling was discovered in 2014 and he started ministering whilst under mentorship.

Meek was ordained by his own Biological mother; Elder Lizneth Bettina Banda in February of 2016.

You can meet Meek Banda by reserving an appointment. No appointment, no meeting. Book an Appointment here

The Pioneer of Phrase Holdings International Incorporated (PHI Inc.), Admel Nigo Corporation (ANICO International), Zareen Baig Consortium and two other businesses that cannot be mentioned because of their nature. 

Word-Manna Church (WOMAC International) which was formerly known as HOJEM

(1) Attend the Church and speak to the Resident Pastor. (2) Book an appointment to speak to him. (3) Register for Word-Manna Institute. 

Go to www.wordmannaradio.com, www.wordmannadevotion.com, or www.wordmannatv.com to access all the teachings.

Business and Church Venture Questions

Questions and answers surrounding the Church Divisions and Business Ventures of Meek Banda (PhD).

Phrase Holdings International Incorporated (PHI Inc.) is a global entity that aims at becoming a business companion to companies and businesses by funding them for a profit. Get it on www.phraseholdings.com 

A Prophetic Church Pioneered by Prophet Meek Banda. A global prophetic entity that welcomes everyone who believes in Prophets, the Prophetic and the Lord Jesus Christ. Get started on www.wordmannachurch.com

Another entity pioneered by Meek Banda. Get it on www.wordmannaradio.com

A daily bible study as written by Prophet Meek Banda. Word-Manna Devotionals are complied and published by Word-Manna Publication. Get it on www.wordmannadevotion.com

A TV Station founded by Prophet Meek Banda. Get it on www.wordmannatv.com

An academic entity founded by Meek Banda to mentor people in different aspects of life. Get started on www.wordmannainstitute.com

Admel Nigo Corporation (ANICO International) is another global entity that focuses on creating and outsourcing projects for the reason of acquiring funds from investors. Get it on www.admelnigo.com

A Malawian registered entity that deals with the buying and selling of merchandise and the provision of services in the Malawian Market only. Get it on www.zareenbaig.com

A Charity entity that aims at reaching out to the needy. Prime Mercy of Jesus Christ to the troubled world. Get it on www.meekbandafoundation.com

A division of Word-Manna Church that focuses in promoting people of talents across the globe. Get started on www.wordmannatalent.com

A division of Word-Manna Church that focuses in editing and publishing books from talented writers within Word-Manna Church. Get it on www.wordmannapublication.com

A media entity that is there to promote the Personal, Church and Business values of Meek Banda. Get the news on www.wordmannanews.com

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