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Hallo beautiful people. I am back with another mind opener blog. I am so much overwhelmed with the response I am getting from the global public. Today we are talking about the Go and Count Scam. This is a new scam on the market aiming at swindling all your money in broad day light. Please leave your comment on how this article has impacted your life after reading.


  1. The Gang and the Witnesses
    There will be one ring leader that will carry a box or a container with a hole on top. Sometimes it might just be a backpack or in other countries, they call it a hustle bag. This ringleader will be standing on the street alone so that you should not suspect anything in the first place. This is a trap to stop any person who might seem to be an easy target. What the targeted individual might not know is that the guy with the box or the bag is not alone.
  2. Stop the Targeted Potential Victim
    You will see this individual stopping you to ask either for directions or anything regular just to seem like he is a normal person. Another individual will appear from nowhere and carefully intervening in the conversation. This new individual will be one of accomplices not a stranger at all. As you will be seeming to process what is happening, this individual will seem kind and try to offer help to the new guy. He will be behaving like he is trying to appreciate the guy or the lady for the directions offered. He will make sure that you should be able to witness all this since you are the main target.
  3. Time to make a deceptive move
    He will tell this stranger or a set of strangers to put money in the box, the container or the small bag. After putting the money, he will tell the stranger to go and count the number of street side electric poles and come back. The strangers will make you become a witness and to keep the individual hostage so that he should not run away with their money. You will agree and stand there watching the fake magic happening. The strangers will even ask you whether you know the man or not just to build your confidence that they really don’t know each other. They will come back running and panting. The man will ask them how many poles they counted and they will say their number. This man will give them the money they put in the box or the bag times the number of poles mentioned without any hesitation. By this time, you are seeing people celebrating and seeming to wonder how the money multiplied in the box. They will even thank you for not letting the man run away with their money.
  4. A time you are about to be stupid
    You will be told by the celebrating strangers to put your money in the box of the seemingly good man too if you wanted it multiplied. You will agree, I mean who doesn’t want free cash? You will agree because of building your trust on the strangers you don’t know. They will promise to watch the man for you. You will start walking fast as they tell you to count as many poles as you can to increase your money more. The moment you turn on the corner, they will run and disappear in thin air.
  5. The Time You Realize that you are not as clever as you thought
    You will run and count more poles without knowing that the magic man and the whole crew are gone with your money. You will get satisfied with the counting and then come back to the magic scene just to find thin air. The only magic that had happened would be the disappearing of both the people and your money.

You might meet people doing the same scam, but in a slightly different way. Some might use a handbag, a bottle or anything that is not transparent. Another diversity to this scam might be the number of people coming to witness. They might use one man, but to make it more convincing they will use a couple so that you do not suspect anything.

I can tell you one word “Run”. Don’t entertain anyone trying to show you any trick or magic other than the directions or the things they were initially asking for. Someone might be saying, but I have already been scammed by the Go and Count Scammers, what should I do? Well, nothing. Just be clever next time. At least you know that you were not as clever as you thought you were.

Blessings and peace. See you next Monday with another Amazing Blog. Keep praying for me as I keep praying for you.

Only Jesus Christ is Lord and He Has no vice.


  • Meek Banda September 12, 2022

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    Meek Banda (PHD)

  • Kudakwashe01 September 12, 2022

    This is an eye opener my father. Keep the blogs coming. Blessings.

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