I have many people whom I have known through my Business Ventures and Church matters. I must admit that I have known more well disciplined and very loyal people in business than those I have met in spiritual matters. Whenever I meet people in business, I could always be relaxed and comfortable because of the nature of most of the entrepreneurs I have met. Whenever I meet people in spiritual matters, I could always activate my defensive and cautious mode due to my experience of how many people came to just use me like a hospital or painkiller and then start to talk evil about me after they have gotten money from me or a blessing. I guess many Pastors can tell you a similar story of why they have distanced themselves from alot of people seeking spiritual help. That is one of the reason why most church people don’t have the phone number of their man of God.


During the winter of 2020 I had a huge business deal with one of the Latin American investors amounting up to $500 Million. Guess who blew it up? Yes, your guess is right, a church member whom I trusted to be the mediator on my behalf.

2021, I met this European Investor who was interested in one of my projects amounting up to $1 billion. He took me places and I experienced a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. He told me that he liked me alot and that he would want to help me make alot of money than what Phase Holdings International Incorporated was generating for me. So, I had to tie my bonds with this guy. He even offered me a mansion in FourWays and a Rolls Royce Ghost as a token of our friendship, but God didn’t allow me to take it.


Did I tell you that he told me that he liked me so much? Yes he did. He said that he wanted to help me make money around the world. I asked him how will he help me to make more money apart from the projects we were to embark on? He told me to get ready on that weekend so that he would introduce me to some big guys overseas, but for a start and trust issues, he said he would introduce me to the local South African millionaires and billionaires first. If I prove to be trustworthy, he would take a bigger step to introduce me to the ones overseas. I agreed and he came to pick me up in a lavishing Rolls Royce Ghost from my house in the evening. We drove to some location I cannot mention, in the Supreme upper-class areas of Gauteng, South Africa. Entering the gate, it’s like you are entering another world or country, so much luxury and wealth in display. The first gateman asked for our details and my name was not on the list. Only my friend’s name was on the list. After making some calls, he allowed us in and he took my details. We drove some kilometers after entering the first black gate, then we found another gate with another gateman. He asked us afew questions and my friend answered him and he allowed us to pass. We passed three if not five gates to reach where I saw many big cars parked on the parking lot.


We were directed to the entrance by some men and women wearing the same attire. All of them were in black. Black shoes, shirt, trouser, jacket… Everything was black. We met this man and a woman on the entrance and she also took our details before allowing us to enter. Another man greeted us and asked us to follow him. We entered this dark Corridor, there were no lights. I could hear the sound of a man talking somewhere at a distance. I struggled to walk through the dark corridor but then we made it to this magnificent hall; it was dark everywhere except that there was light in front where this white guy was busy teaching a ceremony or delivering a speech.

I was given a seat. There were many people, mostly white people. It seemed like there were 85% white people and then then 15% were black, Indian and other races. The man in front could shout some words and everyone could chant and say some words in a language I have never heard before. He could say some words and people could stand and chant some words in that same language. For example… “Hamayah kadadah Sakuyah!” then all the people could stand and chant “Hemayah Hapuwah! Hemayah Hapuwah Hemayah Hapuwah!” (Not exactly what I have written, but I think you get the idea of what I am talking about).

I was lost for words. I tried to blend in and pretend like I knew what was happening. I said “Holy Spirit, we are in trouble” and he said to me, “No son. We are not in trouble, you are.”


The meeting took many hours. I cannot clearly say what was being said, but whatever the leader was saying was directed at those who were disobedient to the orders and commands of their higher agent or fallen angel. He strongly advised that the disobedient could get punished or expelled. He was emphasizing on how people need to be vigilant in executing their given task. Since it was my first time, I didn’t know what the tasks were.

He laid out strategies, plans, task force groups and ways of expanding their agenda to the rest of the world. People were told to follow those guidelines to bring more people into their cult even if it means that they don’t have to be in any position. He clearly said that they were running out of time, it’s time to takeover the world.

Let me just say that I don’t want to mention anything weird that I saw happening in that room that night. So many things I heard and saw that I can’t say here.


Long story short. They switched on the lights after the leader had left. I was told that he was the leader for the South African division, not the real fallen angel. They called him a name I can’t display here. I was very surprised to see almost everyone greeting my so called friend. Meanwhile this other white lady held me by the hand, taking me aside and started speaking to me about joining the cult. She introduced herself by name (name withheld) and told me that she was from one European country (name withheld). I asked her how she knew I wasn’t yet part of them and she just smiled and said; I know that you are not yet one of us. She asked me who brought me there and I mentioned my friend’s name. She took my details and tried her best to answer every question I had. She also told me that you join by paying a sacrificial fee so that they know how serious you are. She even told me that there were opportunities to go overseas if I climb the Hierarchy of leadership and become committed. She promised to give me a call and an email to get started. She also told me not to speak to people anyhow about it because there might be consequences. I asked about mentioning and worshipping Jesus… Guess what she said? You are not allowed to mention that name here.

It has taken me almost five months and I have been thinking of writing this post, but I kept on thinking about the consequences that might follow. One day, I thought of sharing it to Noni in a way. To those who do not know, Noni is one of my Spiritual daughters. I was with Noni recently and I asked her a question… “Noni, imagine Meek Banda in a coffin dead.” She said to me.. “How? Don’t say that.” I repeated what I said and she answered… “Mmmmh I am going to cry.”

Little did she know where that statement came from. I am sure she will only understand why asked such a question after reading this post. Jesus Christ is still Lord.


I am still in shock up to now. You talk of Bishops, so called men of God, Politicians, Bankers, Celebrities and Business People of all races. Everyone was there. Everyone was in black including my so called friend. Remember, this is not a dream or a vision, it is a true story. These People started testifying to me on how their lives changed ever since they joined satanic worship. How they got promoted and win business tenders. How they got their minds opened up by the things they learn in the Cult. I am talking about people from Russia, USA, Canada, South Africa, India and the rest of the world; all of them were there.

I was so shocked on how people can testify of the so called goodness of satan and yet Christians are busy fighting men of God.


None of the cult people called me after my first time visit. My so called friend could leave like 10 missed calls a day, I have never picked his calls up to now. I even made strides to move from my old house to a new area. I am also shifting my business offices from where they are now to a new location.

I have learnt to ask God first in everything I venture into. I mean everything even when buying shoes or clothing. God is always there to help us, but we sometimes do things without asking first. I thank God that I am not in trouble, or maybe not yet.


If you made it this far, What do you think about my story?

Leave your comments and discussions below. Let me hear what you think, otherwise there is a higher chance I might delete this post in a few weeks to avoid some unnecessary happenings. I will also appreciate if you share this post for the glory of God.

If I gathered courage to post this today, it is another confirmation that only Jesus Christ is Lord and He Has no vice.

I am Prime-Major, the Verified Prophet of Jesus Christ, the man who sees the visions from God.

(Check the picture in the flyer to understand part of what I didn’t mention here)

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